How to Order

We collect many questions. And all the questions are answered. Read before making a purchase.

Q: If you order 300 cards, how much gift?

Answer : Experience Should order a gift by multiplying 1.25 of the number of cards, such as 300 cards, 1.25 equal to 375 pieces. The order depends on the needs of the couple + maid in.


Q: If the envelope is added. What is the price?

I usually pack is too good to be 3-5% (ie, a card 500 will cover approximately 515-525 depending on the printing order) .

-------. -------------------------------------

Q: If you order a card - gift added after order. How much

Answer: Can be added in. In two cases

Case 1: still in production. There is no send-off. A minimum of 50 pieces in the same price.

Case 2: have been - sent

A minimum of 50 pieces in 0.50$/each will be added to the original price.


Q: What type of packaging is there in the store?


Answer: There are many types

1. Plastic bag. The packaging is applicable to almost all products of the product.  

After pinching the ribbon, tie the label and make it look pretty. And because the glass bag is clear. The color of the product. Ribbons are available in many forms. Small line - big line sweet satin pattern .

The use of ribbons depends on the suitability of each product.


2. Bag swipe style.

The color of the bag is pretty sweet. Slippery And there are dozens of colors. Make a gift worth watching - more luxurious. Glass cloth bag is so popular ...

As well as the wedding couple give 2 gifts to the guests. The bag of glass to keep it.

Blossom chose to tie the label with a sweet color ribbon. Or use multicolored. Glue can be used to carry bags. No glue stains

Ribbons are available in many forms. Small line - big line Sweet satin pattern Or a glass of glaze. The ribbon depends on the suitability of each product.


3. Bag(pouch) bouquet of flowers  are bunched on the top and then bundle into a beautiful bouquet.


4. Bag (pouch) Heart Bouquet .  It looks the same as a flower bag. The difference is that the top is a little heart.


** Bag, Pouch, Bouquet and Heart Bouquet Before wrapping ... the bag is a round glass. The bundle on the top is a pretty bouquet. But it's a circular restriction. It is applicable to certain products


5. Cardboard boxes,  plastic boxes, sizes, styles.

With the box style makes the product look pretty - orderly. Make boxes popular. Add sweet With satin ribbon or glass ribbon The size of the ribbon used. Depending on the size of the box.